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High end property developer, investment advisory and boutique real estate agency since 1999.


A Personal Approach

According to our clients, it was the decision to contact us that made all the difference. You understand it right away, we listen to your dreams and needs, we give valuable advise and if we feel that we are the ones who are best suited for locating and realizing your property – we are not shy to say so. Icon Homes is a small and highly personal real estate agency with solid references and a unique full service approach. If you are considering buying, selling, building, investing or renovating on Costa del Sol, take us to the test. Call us, it will be the best spent minutes of your day – because today is a good day to realize your dreams.


Everyone should love where they live
We live to make that happen


Investment & Sales

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Real estate needs have evolved

Architecture is the greatest art: it shapes our lives and builds our dreams. Buildings bring us to life, and bring us home. But it’s not just about buildings and locations, but about stories and feelings; it’s not just about knowing the right price, but about understanding the value added by everything that’s priceless.

Real estate agent for the evolved clients

The immeasurable qualities mentioned above are profoundly respected at Icon Homes. They are a large part of our foundation and approach in addition to our perfectionism in materials, locations and features.

A fresh approach to real estate services

We realize dream homes through our professional and highly personalized full service concept, market insight and by listening – really listening – to your needs, expectations and requirements. We handle all your real estate needs in-house where you direct through a single contact person.

Curated selection of unique properties

Icon Homes’ curate the fines selection of properties and real estate available. When your property is secured, our in-house team and hand picked collaborators creatively partner to, together with you, realize your dream home. Your Icon Home.

Trusted by extremely quality conscious clients

As a boutique real estate agency that spesializes in unique high end properties and developments, we are entrusted by high profile quality conscious clients from around the world to realize their dreams of a home that reflects their unique personality.

Premium services for Easy Living

We have refined our full service concept for a decade to make us a «one stop shopping» for all real estate needs. The vision is to effortlessly realize your dream home, and to give you what we have termed «real estate peace of mind» during the entire span of ownership.