Locating the perfect buyer


For 20 years we have matched buyers and sellers of properties in Marbella. We have found that properties out of the ordinary when presented in an interesting way to the right audience attract more potential buyers and sell at significantly higher prices that the typical “listed everywhere” approach. 



Attracting sophisticated buyers with prime presentations, Icon Homes treats each property like a portfolio piece and produces exclusive photography, 4K drone video shots and dedicated branding with its own microsite.


Curated listing

List your property with what we consider to be the finest opportunities. We provide access to exclusive listings, with a well-executed strategic plan and place you in perfect partnerships to bring your properties into the lime light.



Helping you get your property in front of the right audience, Icon Homes will guide you through an in-depth marketing plan that will also afford you access to a wide network of high-net worth private investors and individuals..